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Seeking to Establish and Share Knowledge and Understanding

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The Voice Box

Incorporating Mediums and Spirit Guides

Seeking to Establish and Share Knowledge and Understanding

This Web Site works towards providing knowledge and understanding of all forms of mediumship, which will, hopefully, help those interested in this field towards working with Safe Practices.  

With a particular emphasis on Physical Mediumship 


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This site is attempting to provide an unbiased and accurate information platform.   The information provided is, to the best of my knowledge, correct.   Any opinions expressed are personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of any majority or minority.


 If you feel that there are items within this site that are incorrect, then please feel free to e-mail the webmaster at the above address,  stating where and what the problem is, or has occured.    Your help with any correction of errors etc, can only help to improve the quality and accuracy of the information given on this site.  

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Since the launch of our site in November of 2005 we have received over 280000 visitors



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